Business Coaching

As part of working with a person as a whole, Life Strategies strives to create balance in our clients’ personal and business lives.

The business world can present a variety of challenges; from a team of people struggling to work together to the stress of selling or closing a business you started from scratch.  It is also easy to lose sight of the end goal.

Life Strategies can give you strategies to bring you, your work environment and your team back into focus.

The areas in which we can provide workshops, group sessions or personal coaching include:

  • Balancing personal and business lives
  • Successful partnerships
  • Team building
  • Group interaction
  • Selling or closing a business
  • Starting a new business
  • Career coaching
  • Goal setting

"What I learned from you is that the best way to effectively attract the most fulfilling and compatible relationships in my life; at work, home and play, is to show up in my most authentic expression consistently and with all whom I meet.  Thank you for your encouragement and the funny and profound expression YOU bring to this process!”
Judy Ryan, Expanding Human Potential, Owner

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Posted On September 16th, 2013

I received an email today from a friend of mine.

Her son was just diagnosed with Leukemia.

Every bit of fear of the unknown had come rushing forward taking herself, her son, and the whole family out of the moment they were in and into the future of catastrophic outcomes.

Of course we cannot blame any of them..."Leukemia, after all, is a very scary word!"

And, fear is a powerful energy that forcefully pulls us forward out of the moment we are in and into all the possible outcomes...

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Think About Teamwork

To function well and work to the fullest potential everyone in the team needs to know each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps to know why your office mate acts the way he or she does. Each member needs to feel free to operate the way they need to as an individual to keep the team balanced and functioning - it is a mechanism for success.