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Posted June 8th, 2016

If you haven't heard, Muhammad Ali passed away last week.

For 30 some years now he has been in the "boxing rink" of life fighting the fight of his life.

His opponent..."Early Onset Parkinson's".

And like the everything else he championed in his life, being the "Greatest of all time", didn't necessarily mean he won every fight.

In fact, Muhammad Ali just lost his last fight of his life.

Or...perhaps he actually won.

You dying doesn't mean you lose.

And living doesn't necessarily mean you have won.

"How" you live before you die will actually determine whether you win or you lose.

And in every sense of the word...Ali was a winner!

Ali was a Champion!

Muhammad Ali was absolutely one of "The Greatest Of All Time"!!!!


Because he "lived' the standards of his core beliefs.

He actually said what he did and did what he said.

He stood for something rather than agreed with anything.

And he did it in the face of history.

Muhammad Ali made his own history.

Of course, as we are all human, he too was perfectly imperfect.

He too made mistakes and lived the consequences of those choices.

But he lived them, and he owned them, and he grew from them.

Each one of us, you and me, we too have such "greatness".

We too can make our own "history".

We too must demand the "standards" of our core, not as a thought or a choice, but as something that defines "how" we are "who" we are!

We all make mistakes but do we all own them, embrace them and grow from them??

Or do we hide them, or hide from them??

Or...more to the point...

Do we even care what the quality of our standards are?... Or if there is the commitment to "how" we do what we do???

Sometimes, it's hard to tell.

Greatness may look like a knock out punch in a Heavy Weight Championship bout.

It may resemble the shaking of an aging fighter lighting the Olympic torch as a symbol of his courage.

Or it may be the legacy of the impact one has on those who are left behind.

For me, the impact is now, the greatness is lived and the standards of intention are pure.

What about you?

Are you...The Greatest (You) Of All Time????

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