About Life Strategies

When was the last time you reached a goal you set for yourself? You may have been striving for a new career or to be a better parent. Or, have you been so busy with day-to-day life that you have lost sight of your goals?

Life Strategies can help bring your life back in to focus.

Life Strategies offers a variety of seminars, workshops and individualized training to give you the strategies to embrace and empower your life, and reach your goals. 

We focus on relationships in parenting, personal lives, business and athletic performance.

Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

A balanced life is a good life. Life Strategies can help you take all of the pieces of your life and bring them a point where everything is sync, offering you the freedom and ability to attain your goals.

How Can Life Strategies Help Me?

Life Strategies allows you to learn about specific topics that are relevant to your life today.  We offer a variety of programs including personalized team building workshops for businesses, parenting seminars that are open to the community and small-group life coaching sessions. Click here for full schedule of upcoming activities.

How is Life Strategies Different?

Life Strategies looks at you as a complete person. We realize that a person is a complete system. The pieces of this system need to work together for you to embrace your life.

When you complete a Life Strategies workshop you will have the tools to have an empowered life. Often times after talking through challenges you are left with unanswered questions. Life Strategies is a coaching process that provides solutions and a plan to give you a better life.

We embrace that life is a constantly changing situation, which means your life strategies will change as you do.

Who Started Life Strategies

Dr. Philip Dembo, aka Doc, started Life Strategies. Through his 30-years of helping people cope with life challenges he saw a need for solutions. Life Strategies was launched to give people the opportunity to learn the strategies they need to have the best life possible. Click here to Meet Doc.

What People Are Saying About Life Strategies

“You have provided me with one of the most influential experiences I have had this year!  Your support and expertise in assisting people to play full out in their lives is crucial for the health, joy and wellbeing of individuals and relationships. What I learned from you is that the best way to effectively attract the most fulfilling and compatible relationships in my life; at work, home and play, is to show up in my most authentic expression consistently and with all whom I meet.  Thank you for your encouragement and the funny and profound expression YOU bring to this process!” - Judy Ryan, Owner, Expanding Human Potential